Gigabye G1. Assassin 2 LGA 2011 Motherboard based on X79 Chipset Revealed

Hassan Mujtaba

Gigabyte G1. Assassin 2 motherboard based on the Intel's X79 Chipset has been revealed, The Gigabyte G1 Series of motherboards have always delivered best Overclocking Features and High Quality Components to both gamers and hardware enthusiasts.

The G1. Assassin 2 features the LGA 2011 Socket which supports Intel's Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The G1. Assassin 2 features a unique Green and Black Color Theme equipped with custom heatsinks designed as various parts of a rifle.

The motherboard's prototype was revealed back at IDF 2011, Details here. The board features a 8 Phase VRM design, Four DDR3 DIMM slots are included, 2 at each sides of the socket. Expansion slots include  3 Way SLI/CrossfireX Support, 2 PCI-e 3.0×1 and 1 PCI Slot. Along with this, The X79 PCH heatsink is designed like a hand gun. It may not look that great than the G1. Sniper's Ammo Sachet Heatsink but still gives the board a great finish.

Other cool features are integrated Creative X-Fi 8 Channel Audio and Big Foot Network Killer N2100 LAN support. The SATA connectivty ports have also been reduced 2 SATA 6Gbps and 4 SATA 3Gbps.

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