Ghoul Britannia Tasks You to Survive a Brexit Zombie Apocalypse


There have been many fears surrounding Brexit. From fears like the economical collapse of the United Kingdom or a breakdown in societal norms to the somewhat out-there fears of Britain somehow becoming a fascist state (it takes a few steps for that, we have safeguards in place). One I haven't heard before Brexit causing a zombie apocalypse. Until now, that is. Introducing Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey.

Developed by our long-distant convict cousins in Australia (just having fun guys!), Binary Space to be exact, the game will be a point and click adventure game with the calibre of UK author and scriptwriter Jonathan L. Howard (Broken Sword). It isn't without any UK influence then!

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The story is as follows:

Ghoul Britannia follows the story of Hope Andrews, a young woman separated from her family when the isolationist government’s dangerous plan to revive its failing economy goes awry.
To bolster a workforce left badly depleted by a disastrous departure from the European Union, Brexiteers come up with an ingenious plan to exploit the dead and invite families to sell their deceased loved ones into state servitude. Reanimated as “Extended Labor Units” (ELUs) and tasked with menial labor, the dead take on jobs most Britons find undesirable.
Naturally, it all goes horribly wrong. The device controlling the ELUs fails, causing a nationwide plague of the undead. Society quickly crumbles and forces those left alive to struggle for survival. But not all ELUs are mindless killers. On Hope’s journey home to reunite with her family, she happens upon Dave Gorey, a former ELU spokesperson turned sentient zombie, who offers help in Hope’s quest as he tries to discover how the theoretically impossible disaster occurred.
What unfolds is a bloodcurdling tale of friendship and discovery infected with black humor and political commentary wrapped up in a classic point-and-click adventure experience.

It should be pointed out before people get themselves in a tizzy over the fact that this is something with Brexit in the name, Ghoul Britannia will be a satirical title like you'll find in titles like Broken Sword. Saxon Druce, the founder of Binary Space, had this to say:

Ghoul Britannia employs a fantastical situation and our team’s dark sense of humor to reflect on the times we’re living in. We’re excited to share the game’s first act and see how our audience’s feedback shapes the full experience.

The first five chapters of Ghoul Britannia will be released in Early Access on the 9th of October, on Steam, with the final five chapters being released in 2020 alongside version 1.0 of the game.