Get the Top Paid iPhone Apps Absolutely Free Today [Direct Links Included]

Uzair Ghani

These are the top paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone free for a limited period of time. Get them all right here.

Top Paid iPhone and iPad Apps are Free Today - Download the Best Ones in One Place

All the listed apps are free for a limited time only. Get them fast before they return to their original prices.

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Measure Map Pro - Regular price $19.99, Now FREE


Measure Map Pro lets you quickly and easily measure multiple distances, perimeters and areas with laser sharp precision!. Use it for small areas or large, then share with coworkers. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Download Measure Map Pro for iOS [App Store link]

C-Time - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE


Your time is precious. C-Time is the App that helps you see, how much of your valuable time you spend at certain places.

Download C-Time for iOS [App Store link]

WiFi Mouse Pro - Regular price $3.99, Now FREE


Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad for your computer, it enables you to control your laptop effortlessly through a local network connection.When your real mouse, keyboard or controller has been broken, it can replace them.

Download WiFi Mouse Pro for iOS [App Store link]

System Activity Monitors - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE


The app monitors iOS activity like memory usage, battery life, used space, and device information. Great visuals like speedometer view, LED indicator, 3D bar charts, battery charging animation, LED flashing charger, provides you a rich visual views of your iOS device internals, like you have never seen before.

Download System Activity Monitors for iOS [App Store link]

FingerBeat - Regular price $4.99, Now FREE


A pocket sampler, drum-machine & field recorder designed for 'on-the-go' creativity.

FingerBeat allows you to capture sounds directly into pads or TapeRecord the entire sessions instantly.
Make Loops using the reels then drag-and-drop clips into pads and keep creating.

Download FingerBeat for iOS [App Store link]

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