Get 2 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plugs for Just $14.99 Today

2-pack of Kasa smart plugs available for just $14.99 today

Wi-Fi plugs haven’t been this cheap before. Right now, you can pick up two of them for a low price of just $14.99.

A 2-Pack of Wi-Fi-Enabled Kasa Smart Plugs are Currently Available for Just $14.99

Smart plugs are a great starting point for making your existing home smart. Luckily, smart plugs are extremely cheap these days and you can almost find one at a great price at all times. And today, a 2-pack of Kasa Wi-Fi smart plugs are available at a steal price of just $14.99.

Just like any other great smart plug, it connects straight to your wall outlet for power. And for connectivity, it uses your existing home Wi-Fi connection, which means you do not have to fiddle around with hubs or anything. Just set it up using the Kasa app and that vintage lamp from yesteryear is now magically smart.

You can even use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control this smart plug too. To take things even further, you get access to these smart plugs using the internet which means you can control them no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a working internet connection.

Allowing you to set up schedules is just an icing on the cake. This feature is extremely important as you can cleverly use it to create an illusion that you are at home. Just have those lamps or lights turn on at a given time and off whenever you please. Just like magic.

There are no discount codes or coupons needed to bring the price down.

Buy Kasa Smart Plug HS103P2 - Was $19.99, now just $14.99

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