Genshin Impact Full Native 4K on PS5, Qingyun Peak Area Remade Exclusively for the System


The native PS5 version of Genshin Impact launches next week alongside the game’s big 1.5 update, and it seems developer miHoYo is going all-out on the next-gen experience. Much of the game’s underlying tech has been redone in order to provide a sharper, more polished experience both now and in the future. You can get an overview of the changes coming in the video, below.

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The PlayStation 5 hardware provides an ideal platform to experience Genshin Impact, making the world of Teyvat even more detailed, more vivid, and more immersive. That’s why we wanted to bring the PS5 version to players as soon as we could. At the same time, we’ve been working to develop various functions to fully utilize this next-gen console in the long run: we created a graphics library completely from the ground up, and we built a customized file-loading system to take advantage of the powerful SSD of the PS5. So in future updates, we will have much more potential to elevate the visual quality and game performance – we are only scratching the surface.

You can check out a larger chunk of Genshin Impact 4K PS5 gameplay below, which shows off silky-smooth performance in previously-challenging areas like Mondstadt Village, much-improved draw distance, super-speedy loading times, and more. And yes, miHoYo has confirmed all of this is running in native 4K. Perhaps most interesting of all, one area of the game, the towering cloudy Qingyun Peak, has actually received a PS5-exclusive visual makeover. I wonder if areas that look better on PS5 will become a regular thing? Check out the full video for yourself, below.

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PS4, and mobile platforms. The PS5 version of the game launches on April 28 alongside the game’s 1.5 update, which will add a couple of new characters, additional story content, and more.