Genesis Introduces The Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse


Genesis has introduced the Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse; this mouse features an interesting top cover, precise sensor, and RGB lighting throughout the entire mouse. The Krypton 550 gaming mouse features built-in memory and a sensor that features an 8,000 DPI sensitivity. Genesis slated this gaming mouse to be available in the second half of October and will cost around $36.99 and comes in either a white or black version.

Genesis Introduces Its 70-gram Gaming Mouse called Krypton 550 Lightweight gaming mouse offering a maximum sensitivity of 8,000 DPI

The Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse comes in both a black or white version; both versions will feature the PixArt PMW 3325 sensor. This sensor features a maximum sensitivity of 8,000 DPI and, when paired with the light casing, makes this mouse perfect for FPS gamers. This gaming mouse features the ability to track movements with speeds of up to 100 inches per second.

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Source: Genesis

This outer casing weighs just 70 grams, thanks to the perforations made on the mouse's top cover. The outer casing features a black or white coloring, but the honeycomb perforations. Keep the overall weight lower when compared to other gaming mice on the market.

This mouse features a total of seven buttons that utilize Huano Switches that features a lifetime of 20 million clicks and a low actuation pressure of only 80 grams of force. These seven buttons are programmable that allows the ability to assign different macros to each button.

This mouse features built-in memory, which can easily record macros and assign functions to individual buttons; these saved settings will work on any computer without the need to install additional software.

Source: Genesis

The Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse features the ability to set a custom color for the LEDs on the RGB strip and the various lights located within the gaming mouse's chassis. This gaming mouse allows the user to enjoy the PRISMO effect or be controlled through Genesis's software.

This gaming mouse connects to your computer through a 1.8 meter USB cable; this cable features a textile braid providing enhanced durability. The Krypton 550 Lightweight Gaming Mouse is stated to be available in the second half of October; this Gaming mouse is stated to have a cost of $36.99.