Genesis Announces the Helium 300BT ARGB Desktop Speakers

Helium 300BT ARGB
Source: Genesis

Genesis has announced the Helium 300BT ARGB Desktop speakers, which feature Bluetooth 5.0 and a wooden body. These speakers offer the ability to use either a cable connection or a wireless connection. This option allows users to connect a desktop PC to these speakers and connect a phone/tablet/laptop through the Bluetooth connection. The Helium 300BT ARGB desktop speaker is currently available now!

The Helium 300BT ARGB Desktop speakers support a BlueTooth 5.0 connection or through a cable connection

The Helium 300BT ARGB speakers feature a wooden body with a unique design with RGB lighting on the speakers. This design is further accentuated through RGB lighting, which is compatible with various RGB software. This original design ensures that it will fit into any gaming setup; this matte carbon finish works with a white or black desk.

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Source: Genesis

The supported RGB software includes Polychrome RGB, Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, and AuraSync; this wide array of supported RGB software allows for a much more cohesive RGB Lighting setup throughout multiple components and peripherals.

Source: Genesis

The Helium 300BT ARGB speakers have a control panel on the back of one speaker housing, and this panel features a variety of controls, including a volume knob and a bass control knob. These controls allow users to easily change the volume and bass at a moment's notice, ensuring that the sound will be fantastic no matter the content being enjoyed. This control panel also features buttons to control the various lighting modes and enable or disable the Eco mode.

Source: Genesis

This speaker features a Bass Reflex System, a type of loudspeaker housing with a built-in vent that provides a solid and perfectly reproduced bass. This type of loudspeaker ensures that the bass sounds fantastic for songs and keeps any voices understandable.

The Helium 300BT ARGB speakers utilize a 3.5 mm audio jack and RCA cords to transport the sound from the computer to the speakers and a USB connection to sync the RGB lighting with the rest of the PC system. The speaker's cord length is 135 cm, allowing users to space these speakers decently around various monitors.

The Helium 300BT ARGB speakers are currently available, and buyers should expect a price point of roughly $84.00.

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