GELID Announces The Slim Silence AM4 CPU Cooler


GELID introduces the Slim Silence AM4 CPU Cooler that has been designed to fit into a 1U Server case. The Slim Silence AM4 CPU cooler features two High-Performance heat pipes and a Silent PWM fan with ball bearing. This CPU cooler is part of the GELID Solutions SILENT product line designed for 1U servers, HTPC, Panel PC, and Car PCs. This product line features small heatsinks, and many are suited for smaller chassis.

Slim Silence AM4 CPU Cooler is the newest CPU cooler in GELID's Solutions SILENT product line which only costs $22

This CPU Cooler is an incredibly slim and small CPU cooler that features a height of just 28 mm. This shorter height means that this CPU cooler can fit into a 1U server chassis and can cool up a CPU that has a TDP of up to 85-watts. The cooling TDP of 85-watts means that even a Ryzen 7 3700X with ease.

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This CPU cooler features two high-performance heat pipes that make direct contact with the installed processor. This direct contact with the processor allows for better thermal transfer, keeping the CPU cooler much more efficiently. These double heat pipes connect and move the heat into the aluminum fin stacks.


The Slim Silence AM4 CPU cooler features a silent fan with an intelligent PWM function. The integrated 65 mm frameless fan keeps the overall noise level lower by having a PWM control, while still providing sufficient airflow to enhance cooling under high-load. This intelligent PWM curve control only accelerates speeds when higher airflow is required to cool the CPU.

This CPU cooler is both RoHS and WEEE conform and even offers a five-year warranty. This more considerable warranty ensures server owners that this CPU cooler will cool the CPUs it's attached to for a substantial amount of time.

The design of this CPU cooler is very minimal featuring no lighting and has the fin stack in plain view from every angle. This is a perfect design for servers where the design of the CPU cooler isn't important. The Slim Silence AM4 CPU cooler is currently available and is costs just $22. The lowered cost makes this CPU cooler perfect for server implementation.

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