Samsung Aiming to Use Thermal Heat Pipe Solutions for Its 2018 Smartphone Family for Maximum Performance


The use of thermal heat pipe solutions for smartphones isn’t a groundbreaking idea. Microsoft did it with the release of its Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and Samsung also employed this approach with the release of its Galaxy flagship lineup. There have been rumors that Samsung would forego this thermal heat pipe solution in 2018 but it looks like the idea is alive and kicking.

Heat Pipe Thermal Solutions Are Not a Viable Answer Thanks to Their High Price - Samsung Could Adopt to Vapor Chamber Technology in the Future

Heat pipe solutions are found in smartphones in order to dissipate the heat effectively. During the time the temperature of the chipset and hence the processor rises to a certain threshold, it downclocks itself to prevent irreparable damage. Some of you also know this as thermal throttling and while it saves the chipset’s overall lifespan, it contributes a heck of a lot in performance decrease, especially when you’re running taxing applications.

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Samsung could be aiming to maintain the performance of its 2018 lineup of phones, particularly the Galaxy S9 by incorporating heat pipes, according to the latest report from DigiTimes. Most smartphone vendors do not use this solution because it is costly and will affect their profit margins. Since Samsung has sufficient funds and hands dug in several other industries, it can take a gamble in this direction.

Apart from heat pipes, vapor chamber cooling solutions are also being examined by smartphone vendors but some have ignored its advantages thanks to the increased price tag. Vapor chamber can effortlessly be employed in mobile phones while allowing them to maintain their thinness, so it is probably a solution that Samsung will use and definitely market once it starts to deploy it in future handsets.

For now, the company aims to use thermal heat pipes as an answer to curb rising phone temperatures. Do you think this is the right idea to cool a smartphone? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: DigiTimes