GeIL Introduces the Orion Series Of RAM: Designed with Gamers and Content Creators in Mind

Source: GeIL

GeIL Orion series of memory is designed with gamers and content creators in mind. This series of RAM comes in a variety of different speeds and different capacities. One fantastic feature of this series that stays constant, no matter the speed or capacity, is the tremendous heat spreader that keeps the RAM modules cool while keeping the design of your case looking fantastic.

GeIL's Orion RAM kits range in speed from 2,666 MHz to 4,000 MHz and also feature a variety of capacities ranging up to 64 GB kits

The Orion series of RAM keeps two features that gamers will enjoy is the high speed provided by this RAM and the lower latencies that this RAM will deliver to your system. This RAM offers a wide range of speed from 2,666 MHz, and the maximum speed is 4,000 MHz. The faster speeds are perfect for a Ryzen-based system that performs faster when the installed RAM has a faster speed.

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Source: GeIL

Gamers will also enjoy the aluminum heat spreader that allows for a sleek design featuring either a racing red or Titanium Gray primary color. The outer edge of this RAM is always a black color, and the outer edge is always black regardless of the primary color. On one side of the RAM, there is the GeIL symbol that showcases who made the RAM. The bottom of the heat spreader features a simple design. The RAM has a latency that ranges from CL16 to CL22, the 64GB RAM kit.

This RAM series is also designed with content creators in mind. The larger capacities supplied by this RAM series is perfect for applications like Adobe Premiere Pro that benefit from more RAM. This RAM kit comes in either a single or a dual-channel configuration.

This RAM features a voltage ranging from 1.20-volts, or the highest voltage is 1.35-volts, this RAM is only offered in the longer DIMM form-factor utilized by desktop computers. Sadly, this RAM series doesn't feature any lighting but the combination of the heat spreader coloring and the design, which has been cut into the heat spreader on the left side.

AMD Version
Source: GeIL

These RAM kits are backed by the limited lifetime warranty, and the AMD edition is also available to support the latest and upcoming AMD Ryzen processors with the best quality and compatibility.

Sadly, at the time of writing, no pricing or availability for these RAM modules hasn't been announced.

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