GeForce NOW Lost Activision Blizzard Games Due to a Misunderstanding

Francesco De Meo
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GeForce NOW lost the Activision Blizzard games that were available during the service's beta, and it has been confirmed this was due to a misunderstanding.

As reported by Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard wanted a commercial agreement with NVIDIA but the company that the beta's agreement extended past the service's launch. Despite the misunderstanding, NVIDIA hopes to bring back the titles from the publisher in the future.

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Activision Blizzard has been a fantastic partner during the GeForce Now beta, which we took to include the free trial period for our founders membership. Recognizing the misunderstanding, we removed their games from our service, with hope we can work with them to re-enable these, and more, in the future.

The original statement released earlier this week did not mention any reason for the removal of the Activision Blizzard games, so it's good to finally know what happened.

As we take GeForce NOW to the next step in its evolution, we’ve worked with publishers to onboard a robust catalog of your PC games. This means continually adding new games, and on occasion, having to remove games – similar to other digital service providers.

Per their request, please be advised Activision Blizzard games will be removed from the service. While unfortunate, we hope to work together with Activision Blizzard to reenable these games and more in the future. In addition to the hundreds of games currently supported, we have over 1,500 games that developers have asked to be on-boarded to the service. Look for weekly updates as to new games we are adding.

GeForce NOW is playable on PCs, Macs, SHIELD devices and Android phones.

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