GeForce Experience Beta Update Adds Screenshot Capture, Edit & 4K Upload To Imgur


NVIDIA announced a new GeForce Experience beta update today. From now on, you'll be able to capture, edit & upload in-game screenshots. Moreover, there will be several enhancements to YouTube Live and Twitch streaming.

Now, you can capture, edit and upload screenshots too - all without leaving the game. This enables the instant sharing of spectacular screenshots. Furthermore, we’ve partnered with Imgur to easily upload your edited screenshots to Imgur at resolutions up to 4K.

To enable the full range of functionality afforded by this new feature, a few setup steps are required. First, open GeForce Experience, expand the Share dropdown on the top right of the window, and select “Connect…”.

You'll then have to enter your Imgur login details, of course.

Afterwards, you can choose your preferred hotkey in order to grab screenshots within the Preferences tab.

Now you can try grabbing a screenshot, loading the Share in-game interface and going to the gallery, where the most recently grabbed screenshots and videos are stored. The upload button allows you to send the screenshot to Imgur, with the file size limit set to 15 MB (according to NVIDIA, this should be plenty even for 4K).

Of course, before uploading the image you may want to change its name or edit it with the following options:

  • Auto Adjust: Automatically applies the other tools based on the histogram of the image
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Digital Vibrancy
  • Crop
  • Undo all changes

That's not the only improvement NVIDIA is bringing with the latest GeForce Experience beta update, though. Broadcasters will be happy to know that they can now apply a custom overlay to the stream.

To add your own Custom Overlay, create a transparent .png with a space for your camera output (bottom right in our example above), and add direct GeForce Experience to it via the Preferences > Share > “Custom Overlay” option.

To make your own overlay for a 1920x1080 broadcast, create a PNG-24 transparent image, and leave a space for your camera output in one of the four corners. For a Small camera output, a 160x120 space is required; for Medium 240x180, and for Large 480x360. Click here to download a .PNG sample we’ve created to use on your stream, or to use as a basis for your own custom overlay.

Moreover, streamers can now enable a viewer count in the Preference tab, and YouTube Live users can even pick their nearest server to ensure maximum quality.

You'll have to download the software manually, as it doesn't seem like GeForce Experience is picking up the update even with the beta option ticked.