Gears of War Cinematic Director Leaves For Black Tusk Studios


The individual behind some of gaming's best cinematic sequences for the Gears of War franchise, Greg M. Mitchell has decided to move on from Epic and join Black Tusk Studios, the developer for the next installment of Gears of War on the Xbox One

Gears of War cinematic director, Greg M. Mitchell, is following his franchise to Black Tusk Studios.

The move by Mitchell is likely a move by Microsoft to try to recruit the talent that helped create the previous success in order to maintain a level of consistency within the franchise. Rod Fergusson, the director of the previous Gears of War titles, has already been conscripted as the head of Black Tusk Studios.

Black Tusk Studios is a new Microsoft Studios development team based in Vancouver, BC. The team was created specifically to tackle the rather large task of creating the next iteration of Gears of War. The next game is supposed to reignite the franchise with a novel story that explores a new and dark direction.

There, of course, is no release date for the next Gears of War, but we are assured that it is being worked on diligently and should adhere to the core principles set forth by the originals. They wish to capture the things that were most special about the franchise and help re-introduce it into the next generation. It is likely, however, that we'll see some of the progress they've made at E3 this year.

Gears of War had some of the better cinematic scenes in gaming history. They were very moving and evoked some fantastic emotional responses where necessary, and the best part was that they weren't necessarily too intrusive either, the transitions into playing the game were sharp and easily recognized. They actually helped to immerse you into a very massive environment and explained quite a bit of the great story behind it.

In case you're feeling a bit nostalgic, below are all of those great cut scenes from Gears of War 2. Something to get you hyped about what comes next.