Gears 5 Update 2 Released for PC/Xbox One; Adds AMD FidelityFX Sharpening Option on PC


Gears 5 update 2 has been released by the Coalition and with it comes a new setting to sharpen visuals using AMD’s FidelityFX tech.

Among other changes and fixes, the game’s second title update includes improvements to the Boomshot and Flashbangs.

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While not mentioned in the release notes, this new update also adds a new setting for PC players to sharpen the game’s visuals using AMD’s FidelityFX technology. Players who enable this new option will experience sharper graphics on setups with either an AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

AMD’s FidelityFX tech is an open-source image quality toolkit, used by developers in games to deliver sharp, fantastic visuals. It combines the Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS) algorithm with Luma Preserving Mapping (LPM) to clean up visuals with minimal performance loss.

According to the Red team, FidelityFX automatically collapses “multiple effects into fewer shader passes to reduce overhead. This, in return, frees up your graphics card to experience sharper visuals at virtually no performance loss.”

The new setting can be found in Gears 5's Video Options. The option reads - "Use AMD FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening to increase the high frequency details in the scene. Higher values may have a minor effect on edge aliasing."

You’ll find the official release notes for Gears 5 Update 2 down below:

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Gears 5 Update 2 PC/Xbox One Release Notes

  • Improved the consistency of the Boomshot with changes to the behavior of the secondary ‘bomblets’
  • Flashbangs will no longer affect players through cover
  • Full fix for the drop weapon exploit, including re-enabling weapon drops
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be perma-flashed in a match
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Enemies in Escape to sometimes be unaffected by Flashes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Weapon’s Locker to eat weapons in certain circumstances
  • Added a new check to prevent players using certain low covers to shoot through walls, ignoring muzzle block
  • Resolved an issue causing the Gnasher to have bullet magnetism while ADS when Aim Assist is disabled
  • If no users vote for a map in Quickplay, the next choice will now default to a different map on the same mode rather than the same map
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to have to wait a couple of seconds before being able to reload when Hijacking a Boomshot Scion
  • Power granted at the start of the Horde match is no longer applied as Power Gained in Tour
  • Sarah Connor: Enemies can now be gibbed when in one-shot range using her Ultimate
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemy AI to teleport and ‘double vault’ if their vault is countered
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Scions to have a fully black model after being killed in Escape
  • Players can no longer share Power with AI teammates
  • Total Enemies Killed stat for Campaign now tracks correctly
  • Escape Leaderboards no longer show ‘Top 0%’
  • Resolved a state where audio could be lost in Act 4 in 3 player co-op
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes

According to The Coalition, more improvements and updates are currently in the works and the next major update is being released next month alongside the launch of Operation 2.

Gears 5 is available globally now for PC and Xbox One.