Gboard Arrives on Android with Google Keyboard 6.0 Update – Download Link


Gboard finally arrives on Android devices with update to official Google Keyboard app on Google Play. You can download the latest update right now.

Gboard for Android Now Available to Download, Brings Search Straight to the Keyboard

Google released its Gboard keyboard app for iPhone quite a while back. Strangely enough, and ironically, Android is getting Gboard today (six months later) with an update to Google Keyboard, pushing it to version 6.0. Unlike the usual Google Keyboard, Gboard is packed with a lot of powerful features, bringing search at your thumb's reach. This allows you to do a lot of things straight from the keyboard, such as finding locations, GIFs and whatnot. Basically, with Gboard installed, you do not have to worry about hopping out of apps to find anything online as you can do it in-line from here on in.

The latest update is in the process of being rolled out right now. But if you have automatic updates enabled then you can try out Gboard right away. If not, then you might want to head over to Google Play in order to download and install it. You also have the option to tap on the link below to go straight to the download page.

Once you have downloaded and installed the new keyboard, simply head over to the keyboard's settings and enable the G button. It's one extra step, but it will go a long way in altering your keyboard experience on Android. In fact, having given Gboard a shot on iPhone, I would highly recommend utilizing it on a regular basis. It's an intuitively fun way to get things done without worrying about which app you are in. Just bring the keyboard up, press that G button and you are golden.

Wrap Up

It's strange why Google took so long to bring its flagship keyboard to Android. Quite frankly, the new keyboard makes more sense on Android than it does on iPhone. It's packed with powerful search features that are bound to enhance the user experience by a huge margin. But hey, now that the keyboard is finally here, there's no complaining about it. We suggest giving it a go on your Android device today and see what the Big G has been working on in the background.

Either the new keyboard will make or break your entire experience. But there's no harm in giving it a shot, regardless.