All The Gaming News From Windows 10 Event

Abdullah Awan

Finally we've lived through the gaming part of the Widows 10 event and it gave us quite a few surprises. Some of these were anticipated while others were pre announced. Like the release of DirectX 12 was already out there and only a couple of things we found out new on this particular subject matter. Game sharing was a concept which was anticipated to be upcoming across different platforms and was not one to disappoint. Lastly, video streaming of Xbox One games was a concept unanticipated and thus took us all by surprise. So with further ado, we'll move onto covering all the major gaming news from the event.

Microsoft DirectX 12 Will be Faster and Much More Energy Efficient

So, first-of Microsoft made an announcement about the DirectX platform in their new and upcoming Windows 10. The announcement included the feature and comparison of the new software versus the previous version, where the new DirectX 12 was noticeably faster and according to their announcement, it is supposed to cut the power consumption to about half of what it was before. Also in the announcement, a side by side video comparison of DirectX 12 was shown with the previous version, featuring the same hardware and the difference was noticeably better than what it was before.

Game Sharing Across Platforms

Secondly, we saw that Microsoft also showed of how we can use their unified platform on games to our advantage. They displayed the upcoming game 'Fable Legends' in multiplayer mode where one player was using Xbox One and the other was using Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and the game was smoothly integrated between the devices displaying impressive gameplay.

Video/Screenshot Sharing, Social Hub Integration

The team also presented the role of Xbox Live in the social integration network they created. The social network, which is now common against all platforms, and will feature complete gaming integration with friends where you can send online messages or turn on voice chat for in-game ease and collaboration. Windows 10 also allows you to easily create a video/snapshot and share them with your friends or with the web to expand your list of followers and share your skills with the world.

Xbox App and Gaming For Windows 10

Xbox App was also showcased on Windows 10 which will take gaming to next level. All of your game library will be synced to your PC and you can play your game from your Xbox on your computer by streaming the game in 30 fps via an internet connection and this will allow you to completely sync everything online.

So basically Windows 10 is the Hub for Integration where they have optimized everything for the cloud and if you're into storing your data on the cloud and keeping it in sync online, then Windows 10 is the OS designed specifically for you. Microsoft also announced that they will be releasing more news on the development on these projects and some new releases on the Microsoft event in March

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