GameStop to Offer Full Refunds Within 48 Hours Under New “Guaranteed to Love It” Scheme

Most players have a love/hate relationship with GameStop, with restrictive return policies being high on the list of reasons to not like the retailer. Traditionally, GameStop has not accepted refunds on any new game that’s had its plastic wrap removed, and there’s no way to test a game without opening it, so if you buy a game and discover it’s terrible/not what you wanted, too bad. Of course, they’re a little more forgiving when it comes to returns on used games, because pushing pre-owned stuff is their business.

Well, it seems GameStop is planning to relax their return policy somewhat. The company is about to launch the “Guaranteed to Love It” program, which will allow players to return games within 48 hours for full store credit. This will only apply to select games, as the system could conceivably be abused by people who pick up a game, rush through it in a day, then return it. The first “Guaranteed to Love It” game will be Sony’s Days Gone, a lengthy open-world adventure few will be able to finish in 48 hours.

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A GameStop spokesperson had this to say about the new program

“True to our core promise, today’s announcement is a testament that GameStop is committed to giving power to the players, and our ‘Guaranteed to Love It’ trade promotion offers our customers the peace and mind of buying video games inside our retail stores at no risk, beginning with Days Gone next week.”

The change in policy comes as GameStop struggles to find its footing following years of sliding profits and a failed buyout. Perhaps this new return policy will generate some goodwill for the company! Then again, remember when Blockbuster Video decided to stop charging late fees shortly before the company died? Not to be overly pessimistic, but this feels a little bit like that.

What do you think? Is being able to return some games, no questions asked, enough to get you back through GameStop’s doors?

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