GameStop CEO: Nintendo Switch “Could Be Another Game Changer” Due To Its IP’s, Design & Portability

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Nintendo’s upcoming new hybrid platform, the Nintendo Switch, could be a game changer for the gaming industry.

At least, that’s what GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines, said during the company’s most recent earnings call.

During the investor conference call for GameStop’s Q3 2016 results, Raines talked about the future of video gaming and opportunities for GameStop.

Raines admits to be optimistic on the future, and expressed to be enthusiastic about the Nintendo Switch.

“We are cautiously optimistic on the future video gaming. The arrival of virtual reality in larger qualities creates an opportunity for us”, Raines said. “In Nintendo switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago, we believe could be another game changer that will expand the audience for gaming and the new PlayStation and Microsoft Scorpio consoles will also provide innovation to the category.”

Further in the conference call, Raines was asked about the Switch’s potential to expand the current market like Nintendo did with the original Wii. According to Raines, the Switch has enormous potential to expand the gaming audience due to its IP’s, design and portability.

“Yes, the Switch is a very interesting device and I'm -- I debated with our guys on whether I needed to go on this trip and so forth, by the way I did not see any other retail CEOs there. So I was privileged to be there, I guess, but Nintendo Switch has the potential to expand I think incrementally the audience, the reasons are, the IP is more compelling for family than the other types of IPs.”

The Nintendo Switch reveal video from last month showed of the platform’s mobility and unique concept. Raines, who has played the device, expressed that the Switch can offer a really interesting gameplay experience.

“So Mario, all those things, a movement related game is more fun for kids taken those accessories off the I figure what they call the wing and then the master controller, you can really do a lot of interesting things with that in the gameplay. And then the last thing I would say is they've got a unique portability to them. If you watched that video, that's all they’ve put out. I think they have that unique portability so you can play it as a console at home, but you take it out and take it with you wherever you are going and kids can play it and it’s the right size”

The Switch has enormous potential as game changer according to Gamestop’s CEO.

“So I think it's really got tremendous potential as a game changers.”

Nintendo will provide more details about the Nintendo Switch during a special presentation in January, including its pricing, release date, and game lineup. Recent rumors claim that the Switch will launch with various launch titles, including a new 3D Mario, Mario Rabbits RPG, Splatoon, Skyrim, and Just Dance 2017. We’re excited but what about you?

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