The GameShell Kit Open Source Portable Game Console Is Up For A Huge Discount For A Few Hours – Avail Now


Gaming is a way of life and only those who are already dedicated to this beautiful world will understand. If you are one such individual, then this post is for you. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount offer on the GameShell Kit. It is an open source portable game console and you can get it for just $142.99. The offer will expire in a few hours, so better avail it right away. Get it today and play thousands of games and create a DIY modular portable gaming console.

GameShell Kit Game Console Features

The GameShell Kit is extremely popular and is the first modular and portable game console. It has a GNU/LINUX operating system. You can play games from various consoles like Atari, GB, NES, MD, and PS1 etc. It also supports various programming languages like the Python, preset C and LISP. These features allow you to modify the systems as you please and you can even this device as a minicomputer by connecting it to the TV. Here are highlights of what the deal has in store for you:

  •  Play your classic games from PICO 8, LOVE2D, PyGame,, Libretro & many other game engines smoothly
  •  Create new games using the powerful computing platform ClockworkPi
  •  Play w/ full control using the ATmega168P MPU@20MIPS programmable keypad
  •  Use GameShell as a mini-computer by connecting it via mini-HDMI to your TV


  •  Color: white
  •  Materials: PCBA/PS/ABS/Lithium battery/silica gel/cable
  •  Product dimensions: 0.9"H x 5.3"L x 3.3"W
  •  Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU
  •  WI-FI & Bluetooth on-board
  •  ATmega168p programmable keypad
  •  Linux Kernel 4.1x supported
  •  1GB DDR3 memory
  •  16GB MicroSD with clockworkpi OS
  •  Micro HDMI output
  •  1200 mAh rechargeable battery


  •  White front shell
  •  Original back shell
  • LEGO compatible back shell
  •  Module shell set
  •  Lightkey set
  •  1200mAh battery
  •  All of the PCB boards
  •  All of the cables (USB not included)

Original Price GameShell Kit: $199
Wccftech Discount Price GameShell Kit: $142