Games Made in Dreams Could Be Sold One Day; MM Doesn’t Want to Spend a Ton of Time in Early Access


Dreams, the highly ambitious PlayStation 4 exclusive that's also essentially an advanced game maker tool, finally debuted as the first PS4 early access title not long ago.

In an interview published last week by GamesBeat, the developers at Media Molecule touched on a great number of topics. One of those was whether the impressive games made within Dreams will ever be sold through the PlayStation Store to allow creators to be rewarded for their work.

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Abbie Heppe, Communications Manager of Media Molecule, replied:

Whether we allow people to do that outside of Dreams has been, actually, a big goal for the studio. It’s something we would love to do. But we need to figure out the best way to support that. Obviously if it’s published in the PlayStation store, we want it to be QA’d. We want trophies. There are all of these other elements. We’d love to do that kind of thing, but we don’t currently have a way to do it.

[Allowing games to be sold] is something we’ve thought about. We haven’t made any public announcements about any further monetization in Dreams, or that kind of system where people are getting tipped or getting paid for their content. We do want to encourage people to share. We’re a platform for amateur creation and hobbyist creators. I’m sure there will be people who are more professional in it. But these are all things we’re considering and thinking about.

With regards to the length of the early access period, Media Molecule isn't ready to commit yet, but Heppe said they don't want to stay there too long.

We’re not quite sure. Our goal is not to spend a ton of time in early access. We want to get Dreams out. But it’s allowing us to polish some things like the social systems and add a bunch more things that we want for the people who aren’t our core creative community. The tools are really polished. Our community gives us feedback on very specific things that they’d like to see. But we’re happy with where these are at.

We want to make sure that when we launch to the wider community, we have the full breadth of tutorials, of templates, of collections of assets and things for people to use to get started, so they can have the best possible experience, especially if they’re going to be new to creation.

There’s a huge play experience. You can go in and spend hours and hours playing right now. We do that all the time. But we would love to bring some of those people into creation, because the goal of this is to make it accessible, make it easy for people to do. Part of early access, for us, is working on that.

Have you purchased Dreams already? If so, what do you think about it so far?

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