When Gamers Get Togther [PAX East]

What happens when a group of gamers get together. Well when they come together firstly they create a really wild game. Thats exactly what happened at PAX East when bunch of gamers got together and started making an RPG idea.

They started out with Journalists and well stayed with them, but soon they introduced into the game talking Dinosaurs. Yes totally wild is it not?. Now coupled with that journalists carrying axes and a conflict between the humans and dinosaurs on the bases of an Armageddon. Skills were added like insight, reputation, intrigue, communication and moxie and learning. And a very funky type of name was chosen; Scoop.

Now all that just an idea, suppose that to be a game. It would surely be something a mixture of Conan and Jurassic Park.

This happened at PAX East. For a full story visit: Link

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