Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras Produce Equally Pleasing Images at 3x Zoom, but Color Differences Appear Based on Lighting

Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras Produce Equally Pleasing Images at 3x Zoom, but Color Differences Appear Based on Lighting

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 might bring few external changes when compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but at this time, we will take a look at the kind of improvements made on the camera side. Samsung’s best phone to date, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, goes up against the Korean giant’s foldable flagship in this latest 3x optical zoom imaging comparison to see which handset produces the better results.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Produces More Film Grain Than Galaxy S22 Ultra, but Churns out Less Washed out Results When It Comes to Varying Lighting

A total of four images were taken, two by each smartphone, as Ice Universe decided to compare the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra with the 3x optical zoom enabled. As most of you know, no two sensors behave the same way and will produce results based on multiple variables, including lighting. Then again, it will be up to the user’s preference to decide which handset produces the more impressive photography chops.

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We have included the Galaxy Z Fold 4 results first, followed by the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In the first comparison, from a first glance, both phones appear to take equally pleasing images, but if you zoom into the captured image, you will notice that the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s sensor produces more noise, which could be due to the ineffectiveness of its 3x optical zoom. The Galaxy S22 Ultra handles this area a bit better.


For some reason, in the next comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 takes the crown by capturing a more accurate image, though it should be noted that the final result still produces more film grain than the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera. For some reason, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s sensor produces a ‘washed-up’ result, which is something that Twitter user Alvin also pointed out in the thread. He claims that Snapdragon variants of the flagship tend to exhibit this kind of behavior for undisclosed reasons.


It is possible Samsung can roll out a software update for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 that reduces the amount of ‘noisiness’ produced when 3x optical zoom is used. For one thing, if a customer is paying top dollar to own one of the most expensive pieces of technology in the mobile space, it should be superior to less expensive handsets. Hopefully, we will see improvements in future updates.

News Source: Ice Universe

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