Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Could Have the Best Battery Life for a Wear OS Smartwatch

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Could Have the Best Battery Life for a Wear OS Smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be the higher-end smartwatch that Samsung will be unveiling later this year alongside the new generation of foldable devices. So far, we managed to know a lot about the upcoming smartwatch but the latest tip suggests that it might end up having the best battery life in terms of Wear OS watches, and if that is true, then it certainly is looking like an excellent offering.

Your Galaxy Watch 5 Could Last You Up to Three Days with a Single Charge

The tip is coming from ever so-reliable Ice Universe and according to them, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be the first Wear OS smartwatch to last around 3 days on a single charge. This could potentially be because of all the hardware and software improvements that Samsung will be making to improve efficiency. Now, I am not someone who has owned a smartwatch in the past but three days does sound promising, to say the least.

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Previously, we have heard rumors about how the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will sport a 572 mAh battery, which is larger than the batteries found in the previous smartwatches from Samsung and still large for a smartwatch battery, to begin with. Seems like Samsung is truly making sure that its upcoming smartwatch manages to deliver the experience most people want.

At this point, it is more than safe to say that battery life improvement is not the only thing that the Galaxy Watch 5 is bringing to the table as we are expecting a lot of other improvements, too. Samsung seems to be pushing hard with wearables ever since the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, and it finally seems that Wear OS is finally relevant all thanks to Google and Samsung working hard at it.

Will you getting your hands on a Galaxy Watch 5? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming smartwatches. 

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