Galaxy Unpacked 2022: What to Expect From Samsung’s ‘Biggest’ Event

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy Unpacked 2022: What to Expect From Samsung's 'Biggest' Event

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy S22 series next month and the latest rumor suggests that it is going to be on 8th February, next month. So, less than a month away and well, a lot of us, including myself are excited. Especially about the Galaxy S22 Ultra because this will be the first Galaxy S device that is completely taking the mantle of the Galaxy Note series. So what exactly is Samsung planning for the Galaxy Unpacked?

Here is What You Can Expect from the Galaxy Unpacked 2022

The Galaxy Unpacked 2022 will be bringing the Galaxy S22 series, and well, as always, we are going to get three devices. The vanilla variant, as well as the plus variant, and the ultra variant. There is nothing about the phones that we don't know at this point. Pretty much everything has leaked to a point that we cannot really keep a secret.

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Sure, the price is not evident at this point but we are expecting the phones to call a pretty penny, but then again. It's Samsung's greatest that is going to be in the market.

A Sequel to Galaxy Buds Pro and More Wearables

Another thing that we could expect Samsung to announce is a few wearables. For starters, we could actually expect a real successor to Galaxy Buds Pro considering how Samsung released the original a year ago with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Other than that we could expect Samsung to release a couple of new Galaxy Watches but again, these things are more or fewer speculations.

Galaxy Tab S8 Series at the Galaxy Unpacked

Although it is unlikely, we cannot rule out the chance of the Galaxy Tab S8 series also debuting at the Galaxy Unpacked next month. The reason why this is unlikely is that based on history, Samsung has a habit of holding separate events for the tablets.

Still, given the shift in the strategies and Samsung's marketing as well, there is a chance that Samsung might end up releasing the tablets on the day.

We will keep you posted about everything we hear about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked as we move closer to the date. You can expect more leaks in the coming days. 

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