Galaxy TabPro S2 Specs Allegedly Confirmed in Sheet – No Core M Chips Present Thankfully


2-in-1’s sacrifice a large portion of performance while giving you immense portability and battery life in return. However, the upcoming Galaxy TabPro S2 might be going in a separate direction as far as the hardware goes, according to the latest spec sheet from an FCC listing.

Galaxy TabPro S2 Leaked to Feature a Core i5 Processor But Disappointingly Just 4GB RAM – Better Performing Models Could Be Announced

A specifications sheet from an FCC listing (via The Leaker) shows that while the Galaxy TabPro S2 will have an Intel ‘U’ series chip instead of a ‘Y’ series one, there are still some gripes in our opinion. First off, there is only 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage listed. It is more than possible that Samsung allows you to configure its 2-in-1 to get better performance and multitask, but for the base model we feel that the company should not have skimped out on memory and internal storage. Let us hope that the actual base model differs from these specifications.

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In addition, the machine is said to feature a 12-inch Super AMOLED display, which will be able to deliver more brightness and contrast at the expense of ‘less true to the eye colors’. The 12-inch form factor could also mean that the hybrid will be taking on the Surface Pro 5, but we do not have an exact date as to when Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 successor is going to be announced.

While there are details of Type-C USB included, we don’t know for sure if it will support the Thunderbolt 3 speeds. If it does, the level of expansions you could gain from a single port will be phenomenal. Though you’ll still have to purchase adapters or hubs, you will have a wide range of options featuring peripherals attachments, charging the 2-in-1 or hooking up a secondary display to the hybrid. Let us hope that Samsung doesn’t disappoint us in this regard.

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