Galaxy S9 With Exynos 9810 Smokes Its Snapdragon 845 Counterpart in Latest Benchmark Gauntlet

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Galaxy S9 Exynos 9810 beats Snapdragon 845

As the launch date of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is coming closer, new information comes forward, presenting something very different, which very little people would have expected. At this point, a lot is known about the two phones, ranging from the hardware changes and what has remained the same from a design perspective.

Not surprisingly, a new benchmark has surfaced and it reveals the performance of the Exynos 9810 and to add a little spice to the entire result, it has faced off against the Snapdragon 845. What do you think the results are going to be like?

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Galaxy S9 Armed With an Exynos 9810 Leaves Snapdragon 845 in the Dust as It Obtains Over 3,600+ Points in the Multi-Core Test Results

A new benchmark recently spotted on Geekbench gives us an insight into the performance of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ powered by Samsung’s very own Exynos 9810. The SoC beats Snapdragon 845 with a single core score of 3,648 points and multi-core score of 8,894 points.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 will be in the U.S. version of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. According to a previous benchmark, the high-end Snapdragon chipset only obtained a score of 2,378 on the single core test (via TechTastic) and a score of 8,132 on the multi-core test. This is a mammoth-sized difference and the Exynos 9810 emerges as a clear winner.

Even previous-generation flagships branded under the Galaxy and powered by Exynos chipsets have performed better and have a greater battery life than the Snapdragon counterparts. What this benchmark reveals is that Samsung just went a little further in the speed department.

However, Geekbench results are not difficult to spoof but this result not only corroborates the previously revealed benchmarks but is also consistent with the past performance trends of Exynos-powered devices. In the end, we are guessing it might not be fake after all, but time will tell.

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