Samsung’s Galaxy S8 App Drawer Launcher Looks Highly Inspired By Pixel Launcher

Zara Ali
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Samsung's Galaxy S8 is out in full glory, and we can't stop talking about it. It is Samsung's ticket to redemption after the failure of the Galaxy Note7. Amidst all the praises, a report by 9to5Google has pointed at something that Samsung might not call its creation, rather an inspiration.

The Galaxy S8 does not have a visible app drawer; it comes on screen when you swipe up/down the home screen. The gesture to access the app drawer looks pretty much inspired from Google's Pixel launcher. If the app drawer has just one page, then another up/down swipe would exit it. The only change that we see here is that on the Galaxy S8 this gesture works from anywhere on the app screen (any blank space).

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GIF Credit: 9to5Google

This method of accessing the app drawer is pretty nifty, and once you get used to it, then there is nothing like it. However, we can't rule out the lack of originality here. Inspiration much, Samsung? For the ones who are happy with the icons for app drawer then you can bring it back on the Galaxy S8 by going to the settings menu and enabling the app drawer. Once you enable the app drawer, you will see a dedicated option for it at the bottom of the home screen.

Well, Samsung's Galaxy S8 will slowly go under more scrutiny as more and more get their hands on it. For now, we only found out about its app drawer access gesture looks highly inspired from Google Pixel launcher. Going by the size of the Galaxy S8, we can compare it to Google's Pixel XL smartphone. Even though Galaxy S8's screen size is bigger than the Pixel XL, but Samsung has somehow managed to fix the big bezel-less screen in a small body that is not too big to hold - it is 148.9 mm tall, weighing just 155 grams.

Samsung's latest flagships will be available for pre-ordering from today via major US carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, along with other partner stores. If you opt for pre-order, then you will be entitled to get a free Gear VR headset with Controller.

What's your take on the Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+? Would you spend your moolah on them? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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