How to Add Two SIM Cards to Your Galaxy S7 That Possesses a Single SIM Slot?


It’s been noted that Galaxy S7 does come in the dual SIM variant, but here’s one thing you’re forgetting. This particular variant is only available in selected markets, and if you’re fresh out of luck, then there is always one hack or the other to help you transform the Galaxy S7 into a dual SIM running smartphone.

Clever Hack Allows Samsung’s Galaxy S7 to Be Turned Into a Dual SIM Smartphone – Here’s How

Before you proceed to learn about the hack that will turn your single SIM running Galaxy S7 into a dual SIM smartphone, keep this fact very clear in your head; it will only work with an unlocked version of the smartphone. That being said, SIMore has introduced its ZX-Twin dual-SIM adapter for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge, so now you know that it’s not just limited to the 5.1-inch flagship. The ZX-Twin dual-SIM adapter is basically a strip of flat ribbon wiring that is connected to the phone’s main SIM slot. It makes the connection with the main SIM tray while the dual-SIM tray exists entirely outside the device.

The only downside to using this hack is that you’ll be forced to strap on a protective case, and this might not be worth the hassle for users who don’t want to unnecessarily increase the bulk of the smartphone. If they don’t attach a protective case, then the ribbon will not stay in position.

If you’re interested in seeing how exactly this is carried out, then there’s a video present below. If you’re living in a region where a Galaxy S7 is being sold in the dual SIM version, then there’s absolutely no reason to go through the unnecessary hassle. However, the cumbersome experience of having to carry around two phones to accommodate the functionality of two numbers is an ordeal no one’s willing to go through, so do tell us if the hack interests you or not.