Galaxy S5 may contain 4 GB Ram – Camera Rumors.

Sohaib Ahmad

The upcoming Samsung Flagship phone is almost confirmed to house a 64 bit Exynos custom built SOC by Samsung. One of the exciting features this brings is the memory addressing capabilities. A 64 bit capable chip can address about 16 Exabyte of data, not that this amount is required at this point in time.

Galaxy S5 may contain 4 GB Ram thanks to its 64 bit processor

The Exynos SOC harnesses new ARMv8 instruction set which is also utilized in the iPhone 5S. It is rather funny to note that Samsung manufactures the iPhone 5S’s SoC. Samsung's new 64 bit chip is rumored to use the Exynos 6 moniker and not the Exynos 5.The Ram is speculated to reach 4gb, unlike Apple Samsung will utilize this chip to the fullest. The Apple's iPhone 5s contains just 1 GB ram. Another interesting development is the “Eye Scanner“ which may be housed within the S5 to counter the finger print scanner in the 5S, this will be a 'cool' feature for sure.

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Samsung recently released its own 13MP sensor with Optical image stabilization. According to a report, this sensor can correct a lot of shake from photos while being very bright at the same time. It will be nearly eight times more luminous than conventional sensors. The camera will be supplemented by a flash light of unknown type, however we hope Samsung utilizes a Xenon flash coupled with a brighter lens. An increase in the battery capacity will be welcomed by the public. Already the S4 has a huge battery relative to its power and screen. Curved displays are the talk of the town these days, just maybe Samsung may utilize this tech on its upcoming flagship.

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With the S5 finally utilizing the new ARMv8 instruction set, the S5 will now be able to easily trounce the Apple's 5s. The iPhone 5s beats the Quad core S4 with its Dual core processor because of which the crown of the fastest phone goes to the 5S.

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