Galaxy S23 Ultra Will Feature a 200-Megapixel Camera Sensor, Confirms Insider Sources

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S23 Ultra is Shaping Up to be a Photography Powerhouse

The Galaxy S23 Ultra paid us a surprise visit last night in form of a leak and while some people would be disappointed to know that next year's flagship is going to feature the same design language as its younger brother, there will be some significant upgrades under the hood.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the First Samsung Phone to Feature a 200-Megapixel Camera But Don't Expect Other Optical Changes

Now, Samsung has been using the same 108-megapixel sensor ever since the Galaxy S20 Ultra came out and it seems like it is time to retire that sensor with the Galaxy S23 Ultra coming out next year. The latest tip coming from GalaxyClub suggests that insider sources have now confirmed that the upcoming flagship will have a 200-megapixel primary camera. Now, the news itself is nothing new as we have been hearing it for some time but this is just another confirmation in a long list of leaks that we have seen.

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Samsung has played it safe as far as the camera department is concerned for the past few flagships, and it looks like the Galaxy S23 Ultra will finally break that trend and deliver an updated camera, which is always a good thing, to say the least.

Additionally, the upcoming flagship is said to retain the resolution on most of the other sensors including the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras and while that might be a disappointment to some, that is how things are going to work, going forward.

Last but not the least, we cannot say for sure about all the changes that will be coming with the Galaxy S23 Ultra but we will keep you posted as we hear more about Samsung's greatest.

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