Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera ‘Sample’ Show Drastic Improvement Over the Predecessor

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera 'Sample' Show Drastic Improvement Over the Predecesso

It is safe to say that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is shaping up to be the phone that you should be looking forward to next year. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Samsung is going back to the drawing board and making the phone better in terms of hardware. One of the gripes that many people had with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra was that Samsung only made some minor improvements in terms of the camera hardware. Both cameras used 108-megapixel main sensors, and although there were significant improvements, under the hood, the sensors remained the same.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Can Capture a Lot More Detail While Still Retaining Colors and Saturation

However, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung is going all out as the phone is said to have a 200-megapixel camera sensor which has not been announced yet, but there is a working model of it already out in the wild. We have seen leaks in the past that suggest that the phone will have a 50-megapixel mode, as well; allowing you to take 50-megapixel RAW shots and go all the way up to 200-megapixel as well but without RAW.

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Now, the reliable tipster has shared a picture of what appears to be a pumpkin. The same pumpkin is photographed using a Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Pixel 7 Pro, and the results, well, you can see them for yourself.


I mean, a picture of a pumpkin is not something that one can use to tell much about the camera performance in question but right from the start, the picture taken by the Galaxy S23 Ultra shows a lot more detail, and you can actually see the texture of the skin. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a close second as it shows detail but not as much, and the Pixel 7 Pro, well, it shows the pumpkin looks like a balloon.

There is some weight to these pictures and the comparison, but one major thing that we must note is that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is still not fully optimized on both the hardware and software front, this means that the final performance of the phone can be, and should be a lot better in terms of photography as well as other aspects of the phone.

Recent rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S23 series is coming out sometime in February next year. So, we are not far from getting access to more and more rumors about the upcoming flagship. Till then, stay tuned for more.

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