Galaxy S22 Ultra Goes Up Against the Sony A7IV and the Results are Amazing


Smartphone cameras have come a long, long way and we are all aware of that. The best thing? These cameras are only getting better and better with age with the Galaxy S22 Ultra leading the vanguard in terms of how good the cameras on the phone are. The funny thing is that the camera configuration is more or less the same as you get on the Galaxy S21 Ultra but this time around, you are getting better computational photography, which helps the pictures a lot more than one might think.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Might as Well Be the Best Smartphone for Camera Enthusiasts

YouTuber and photographer Lee Zavitz has decided to put the Galaxy S22 Ultra against Sony's best mirrorless, the A7IV. As a photographer, I was sure that the Sony A7IV would blow the phone out of the water but the results have left me in awe.

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I will not waste more time and let you watch the video, showing all the comparison shots.

As you can see in the video above, both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Sony A7IV go head to head and the difference between both devices is barely there, especially when you are looking at it in the default view. Sure, zooming in on the pictures taken by the A7IV will reveal a lot more detail and clarity but that is because of the comparatively larger sensor size. On the other hand, the S22 Ultra does not pull any punches and actually performs to a point that would awe even the most hardcore photographers.

Remember that Zavitz is not using the Expert RAW app on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and is just limited ot the Portrait Mode found in the default app. Using Expert RAW could further improve the picture quality by a mile considering how it uses both RAW photography and computational photography to create a stunning image without adding any extra noise.

Looking at these pictures has left me in awe. I cannot wait for my Galaxy S22 Ultra to arrive so I can take it out for a spin but so far, the images I have seen are amazing. Let us know what you think.