Galaxy S22 Series Now Supports TWRP


Shortly after the Galaxy S22 series was launched, Samsung also released the kernel sources of the devices as well. Needless to say, for any third-party development on Android devices, having kernel sources is very, very important. Now, an unofficial port of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is now available for all three devices, all thanks to the XDA member killprocess. For those who do not know, TWRP is important for custom ROMs and other modifications to happen on a device.

Galaxy S22 Series Can Finally Run the TWRP Recovery

A custom recovery such as TWRP is way more important for some people as it allows for aftermarket or third-party development. The primary purpose of such a recovery is to help your device bring back to life during any custom flashing incident. Without custom recovery, it is straight-up impossible to even flash a custom ROM, as the stock recovery is very strict when it comes to letting unofficial software run on the Galaxy S22 or any other device, for that matter.

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Speaking of the release, the TWRP builds are only available for the Exynos version of the Galaxy S22 series (SM-S90xB). However, the developer is going to publish the Snapdragon-compatible version of the recovery soon. However, the U.S. and Canadian users will have to wait for a bit longer because the bootloader on the North American Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S22 cannot be unlocked as easily as the international Exynos and Snapdragon variants.

Even if you do manage to unlock the bootloader on your Galaxy S22 and install TWRP recovery, this will trip the KNOX security, voiding your warranty and disabling the OTA updates. There is no way to reverse this, which means that you will also lose access to Samsung Pay and a lot of other features that rely on Knox security. If you are okay with this situation, you can go ahead and head to the thread and get started.