Galaxy S20’s 120Hz Refresh Rate Will Vary in Situations

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is certainly one of the most impressive devices that Samsung has released in recent years, this goes without saying that the entire family of phones is impressive to their last core, providing stellar features to users who are looking to get the best in the market.

One of the best features about these phones is the gorgeous 120Hz screen which will make the transitions buttery smooth and the overall experience along with it. However, this refresh rate comes with some limitations; for starters, it cannot be used on WQHD+ resolution, so you are limited to FHD+, which is not a huge tradeoff. However, we just got the news that the 120Hz refresh rate is not constant across the board.

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Various Factors Affect the Refresh Rate on Galaxy S20

This should not come as a surprise but there are some apps that will not be working in 120Hz, so the phone will have to shift back to 60Hz. Apps such as the camera or Google Maps will work in 60Hz mode, it makes sense to use a lower refresh rate because these apps on their own consume a lot of battery.

Additionally, as per Samsung, all three phones will shift to 60Hz when the battery temperature goes above 42-degree Celsius or the battery level drops to 5% or lower.

At the time of writing, we are not sure if Samsung is planning on offering the 120Hz refresh rate on WQHD+ resolution by a software update or not. However, looking at these limitations, the one thing that can be said for now is that keen users might find a workaround them by using root.

Such limitations have been a part of Android eco-system for some time now, but they are usually bound by software rather than hardware, and can easily be bypassed through root access. However, Samsung is right in their own spot as driving a display running at 120Hz will not only be taxing on the GPU but will also stress the battery a lot. The reviews for these devices are not out yet, so we are yet to see how the battery performs with such a powerful display.


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