Multiple Galaxy S10 Units Catch Fire And Emit Smoke In China

galaxy s10 ruined

Reports of accidents with Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup are rare, but we have seen a few of them. The most popular of these was the malfunction of a 5G Galaxy S10 that saw Samsung shift the blame to the user. Now, we've another report for Galaxy S10 smartphones (non-5G) that caught fire and started to emit smoke has surfaced. Take a look below for more details.

Two Galaxy S10 Units Catch Fire In China While Samsung Fails To Respond To Events

As we like to regularly remind you, the modern day gadgets used by nearly everyone aren't completely safe. While you're unlikely to see a smartphone's SoC catch fire due to overheating (we're looking at you overclockers), Lithium-ion batteries nevertheless remain the biggest safety concern on any gadget. Even though manufacturers make leaps in camera and processing technologies year over year, batteries are still limited to lithium cells.

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Lithium is one of the most reactive elements on the periodic table, which makes packing the element inside tight spaces dangerous. If you don't believe us, just ask Samsung. Speaking of the company, we've got a report from China today claiming that multiple users in the country are affected by malfunctioning Galaxy S10 smartphones.

galaxy s10 ruined

Above are images of two Galaxy S10 smartphones that allegedly malfunctioned, started to emit smoke and eventually caught fire. One of these is an S10 with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage that was purchased on the 29th of April. The purchase slip for the gadget is included in the image above, and according to the device's owner, this S10 malfunctioned after a month of use. The smartphone overheated once he plugged it in for charging, and soon it became too hot to touch. After the Galaxy S10 was dropped on the ground, the device produced smoke and caught fire. The fire was put out by dumping a bucket of water on it.

At this point, it's important to note that there is no way for us to verify the authenticity of these claims. Still, as mentioned above, reports of malfunctioning S10 smartphones aren't new, and it's possible for another device to have fallen victim to the elements. Additionally, even if the user's claims are authentic, it's impossible to rule out negligence on his part that might have caused the Galaxy S10 to catch fire.

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