Want to Know What the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Can Do? Here Is a Detailed Infograph That Shows off Everything


Samsung’s S Pen has more or less changed the way people use their smartphones. The stylus that gets released with the Note series has evolved over the years in terms of capabilities, design, and style. Coming to the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen, it sports remote control features which have made it not just another toy, but a very powerful accessory.

The new S Pen supports Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connectivity which means it can double up as a remote control within a 10-meter radius for certain apps and features. This will give you more freedom to interact with your Galaxy Note 9. You can also use it to take pictures from the perfect distance and angle. The stylus can also be used as a clicker to navigate through your presentations.

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If you will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 9 purely for entertainment purposes, the S Pen can help you out with that too. You can play your favourite videos conveniently and you can also customize clicks to maximize the capabilities of the stylus. Later this year, developers will be able to integrate the BLE functionalities into their apps.

You can get a yellow S Pen with the Ocean Blue Galaxy Note 9. Other colours available are purple, black and copper. The colour of the stylus also extends to Screen off memo writing. The S Pen is powered by the Super Capacitor which provides ultra-fast charging. The accessory itself has a 30-minute standby battery life which translates into 200 clicks.

40 seconds are more than sufficient to fully charge the stylus. Additionally, you can also customize AR Emoji stickers to add a personal touch to Live Message. If you have an artistic streak in you, you can join the international community of PENUP artists.

Other features such as Photo Drawing and Live Drawing will make drawing even easier. By connecting the Note 9 to Samsung DeX, you can also write and draw on bigger screens using the S Pen. Do you think that the latest pen accessory provided by Samsung will be more capable than before? Check out the infograph given below and let us know down in the comments.

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