Galaxy Note 8 Rumored to Come With an Even Larger Display Than Galaxy S8+

Galaxy Note 8 larger display

There have been a minute number of reports related to the Galaxy Note 8 but now that both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have been announced and expected to sell shortly, we can expect more leaks and rumors of Samsung’s phablet to come through. The latest one surrounding the phone is that it will carry an even larger display when compared to the Galaxy S8+. This means that the 5.7-inch display that we’ve consistently been seeing on the company’s Galaxy Note series might cease to exist in the future.

Reports Suggest That the Galaxy Note 8 Could Have a Massive 6.32-Inch Display – Codename of Mobile Device Has Been Leaked as ‘Great’

With the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ featuring a screen size of 5.8 and 6.2-inches respectively, it only makes sense that the Galaxy Note 8 will have an even larger display otherwise the company will not be staying true to the ‘Note’ form factor.

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However, according to the latest information cited by The Investor, it looks like the Note 8 is going to be marginally larger than the Galaxy S8+, standing in at 6.32 inches. Thanks to the smaller number of bezels that Samsung is aiming for, not to mention incorporating its lovely Infinity Display, the device will look smaller than the rest of the competition, allowing for a one-handed use in a comfortable manner.

The larger display can also mean that Samsung can have an even larger battery capacity than what’s present inside the Galaxy S8+. However, more features will need to be added to make the Note 8 an attractive purchase.

With both newly announced flagships featuring the same camera as their predecessors, it would not hurt one bit to see a dual-camera configuration on the upcoming phone. Samsung has already proven that it can immensely improve the software, and with a dual-camera upgrade, we do not see how the company cannot take the camera features to newer heights.

The S Pen is definitely going to be making a return, allowing for a more seamless smartphone experience and we have a feeling that the DeX Station is going to be compatible with this phone when it gets announced later in the year.

What sort of upgrades do you wishing to see on the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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