Galaxy Note 7 Owners Will Reportedly Get a Galaxy S8 for Free


Samsung was earlier reported to offer former Galaxy Note 7 owners a nice little discount when they would proceed to purchase a Galaxy S8. However, according to the latest info, it appears that the tech giant is actually offering owners of the volatile phablet a free upgrade to the upcoming flagship. Isn’t that the best way to cater to your loyal consumer base?

New Report Claims That Galaxy Note 7 Owners Will Be Able to Get Galaxy S8 for Free

According to the latest report out of Korea, Samsung officials have stated the following:

“The new compensation program is designed to make it easier for those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with existing Samsung smartphones, to shift into our next model coming in next year.”

The report also states that the program will be open to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners who managed to exchange their defective Galaxy Note 7 phablets for the aforementioned ones. However, it hasn’t been detailed if these customers will be able to upgrade their devices to Galaxy S8 without any extra charges or will they have to pay a nominal fee for that.

Looks like we will find out soon enough. Samsung hasn’t made any details come to light at this current time, which means the company is probably thinking of different measures on how it can appease consumers, wipe the blemish from its brand name and generate a hefty revenue at the same time with its Galaxy S8 offers.

As for the Galaxy S8 itself, Samsung has already been reported to be working on the device’s software. The upcoming handset is said to come with a variety of upgrades including a dual-camera sensor. According to a different rumor, Galaxy S8 is also said to come in two screen size variants, with the smaller one sporting a smaller resolution, and the bigger one rocking a 4K display. With the hardware expected to power the upcoming Galaxy S8, there is no question that the handset is going to be Daydream ready.

If the report turns out to be legit, then Samsung is catering to its loyal consumer base in the best manner possible. What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us right away.