Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the First Phone to Ship with Samsung’s New VRR OLED Display


There is no denying that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the most powerful and finest devices available in the market. There is also no denying that Samsung has a habit of pushing the limits when it comes to hardware, and every now and then, there are things that just skip under the radar.

According to a recent report, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is the first smartphone that comes with Samsung's new VRR OLED display, and it is pretty impressive, to say the least.

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The VRR OLED Display in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Will Reduce Power Consumption of Upto 22%

According to the source, Samsung Display has made an announcement that the display found in the flagship Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with a new display technology that results in a greater power saving than seen in the previous smartphones from the company or anyone else, in the market. This low power OLED is able to use the adaptive frequency technology to reduce the power consumption of the display by 22%.

This technology allows the display to utilize variable refresh rates that consume the least possible amount of power for different application. For instance, for mobile games, the display supports a 120Hz refresh rate, but for movie streaming, it goes down to 60Hz, and emails go to down 30Hz. if you are viewing still images, or browsing social media, it steps down to 10Hz.

Before the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, smartphones were using fixed refresh rate, which means they would stick to whatever refresh rate their display would support and while companies did use adaptive refresh rate, it would not have the ability to shift between such variables, and would only go as low as 60Hz.

Sadly, Android does not support the actual VRR just yet, so even if the display is fully able to do it, the software is not and Samsung will have to make a lot of adjustments to enable true VRR. For now, it is safe to say that we are more than happy with the breakthrough Samsung has made, as it only makes the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra an even more compelling device.