Galaxy Note 10 Trade-in Offer Can Give You up to $600 for an Older Device

Omar Sohail
Galaxy Note 10 trade in can give you up to $600

As most of you are well aware, Samsung will announce both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus on August 7, making it the first time the company is introducing a variation in both hardware, size, and other specifications to its Galaxy Note lineup. This can also be the most expensive smartphone family to ever get introduced by the Korean giant, which is why it’s not surprising to see a Galaxy Note 10 trade-in offer. All you have to do is give up your older device in near-pristine condition and you will be given $600 for it. However, it also depends on which smartphone you intend on trading in, as you’ll soon find out as you read more into the details.

High-End Android Devices and iPhones Are Only Eligible for the Galaxy Note 10 Trade-in Offer, According to Chart

The entire trade-in chart is listed on Samsung’s website (spotted by Android Police), letting you know beforehand your much your current daily driver will go for should you choose to pick up the Galaxy Note 10 down the road. As expected, you’ll need to have the very best from last year and this year if you want to avail the maximum trade-in offer, which is $600. The Pixel 3, 2018 iPhone, and Galaxy S10 families will help you take advantage of the maximum trade-in value.

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Luckily, even the 2017 iPhone X and last year’s Galaxy Note 9 will help you to avail that amount. Also, customers who trade-in their devices for the purchase of a Galaxy Note 10 will get $50 instant credit which can be used throughout Samsung’s website. You should also be reminded that those who pre-order the device will be required to make the payment 72 hours after the smartphone goes on sale.

If the Galaxy Note 10 trade-in deal doesn’t excite you, then how about a free Note 10 with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 10 Plus? That’s right, because just yesterday, we reported about Verizon’s promo offer including the smaller Note member if you spend the extra cash for Samsung’s most premium model. Naturally, all terms and conditions weren’t available at the time but we’re bound to see some strings attached when offers go live.

Chances are that a slew of promotions will be introduced in the near future and if we were you, we’d stick around for more details, which will eventually arrive in the coming days, so stay tuned.

News Source: Samsung

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