Galaxy Note 10 Front Camera Will Reportedly Improve Selfie Portraits Thanks to Newer Hardware

Galaxy Note 10 front camera to improve selfie portraits

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10 front camera might be one of the least talked-about hardware changes from the company’s most prestigious smartphone range, but it could help provide a stable foundation by which the company introduces more affordable phones bearing the same internals. The Korean giant is expected to launch the Note 10 on August 7 and as is customary for any handset these days, rumors are intensifying with each passing day. Let us see what’s going to be so exciting about this one.

Galaxy Note 10 Front Camera Could Be a ToF Sensor Designed to Heavily Improve Selfie Imaging Prowess and Improve Bokeh Accuracy

The latest rumor originating from ETNews claims that the phone will have six cameras in total, with two of them being Time of Flight (ToF) sensors. This would really spruce up the headset, which is expected to come in two versions meant for different markets. While six cameras are a big deal on their own, what’s even more interesting is that there could be a ToF sensor on the front as well, to aid the selfie shooter. This will theoretically enable users to map a host of objects and improve depth sensing.

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The Korean media says that Samsung wants more of its phones to have ToF sensors and has apparently also booked another supplier, in addition to MCNEX, to ensure a steady supply of these sensors. MCNEX is reportedly building a new facility in Vietnam for ToF sensors and is expected to increase production in August and September, just in time for the Note 10 launch.

In addition to that, Patrol will presumably be producing additional ToF sensors, not just for the Note 10, but also because the Galaxy S10 5G, which also has a ToF sensor, is now being sold in more worldwide locations. Later on, Samsung’s Galaxy A-series phones are also expected to come with these sensors, thereby elevating smartphone selfie imaging for more affordable smartphones.

As for the other camera specifications, the Galaxy Note 10 is expected to have largely the same camera units like the Galaxy S10 5G, except of course the RGB depth sensor on the front will be replaced by a true ToF one. Also, keep in mind that only the ‘Pro’ model of the Note 10 might come with the 3D ToF sensor, while it might be skipped on the regular version in order to save up on costs.

The use of software image processing is common to create bokeh effects on Portrait shots, but the lack of a dedicated sensor means that the accuracy of the bokeh will be a little off. With a ToF sensor potentially present in not just the Note 10, but future devices, it means that users will gain access to crispier imaging results, and we certainly look forward to that.

News Source: ETNews

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