Galaxy S copy running iOS 4

The bitter irony of it, a fake iPhone 4 which is being labeled as a Galaxy S is capable of running Apple's very own iOS 4, and yes all the features of iOS 4 are there, multitouch, able to run everyone's favorite game (Plants vs Zombies and even Angry birds) is there ANYTHING the Chinese CAN'T do? I mean not only have they made a fake iPhone 4 and calling it the Galaxy S but they have also made it fully capable of running iOS 4 perfectly on a phone. Although jailbreaking the latest iOS version might be a little tricky wouldn't it?

here is a video showing the phone in action, as you can see it does everything which an iPhone can do. So if your looking for a flashy side phone and cheap too why not give this a go?

WccfTech Tv
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