iPad 2 Benchmarked, GPU Performance Is Legendary

By iRev

Our friend's over at AnandTech just benchmarks the new iPad 2 and boy is it a powerhouse. As far as the CPU goes just as Apple claim offers around 50% extra performance is complex tasks like Javascript and loading of Webkit for the browser.

The real shocker comes over at the GPU end though, We expected the iPad's PowerVR SGX 543MP2 GPU to compete competitively with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 but according to the benchmarks the iPad's powerhouse blows it out of the park. The GPU benchmark results are as follows:

Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad Motorola Xoom
Geometry: Textured triangles per second (millions) 29 8.69 15.1
Geometry: Fragment lit triangles per second (millions) 19.7 4.08 8.51
Fill Rate: Texture fetch texels per second (millions) 890.1 179.1 130
GLBench 2.0 Egypt frames per second 44 8.1 11.8
GLBench 2.0 Egypt FSAA frames per second 44.8 6.4

Source: AnandTech