Galaxy Buds Pro Teardown Shows Custom Samsung SoC, Battery and ‘Easy to Remove’ Parts Than AirPods Pro Internals

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Galaxy Buds Pro Teardown Shows Custom Samsung SoC, Battery and ‘Easy to Remove’ Parts Than AirPods Pro Internals

The new Galaxy Buds Pro offer improved audio quality and features like Active Noise Cancellation, two additions that aren’t present on the Galaxy Buds Live. However, are Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds as repairable as its predecessor? This teardown video answers those questions and more.

Galaxy Buds Pro and Wireless Charging Case Are Easy to Take Apart, but the Galaxy Buds Live Still Retain Number One Spot in That Regard

In almost no time, iFixit published a video below showing the Galaxy Buds Pro teardown. Compared to Apple’s AirPods Pro, which were a nightmare to take apart, the housing, ribbon cables, and other components are easy to remove on the Galaxy Buds Pro. The circuit board also reveals a custom Samsung chip, which iFixit states is the first they’ve ever seen on a Samsung-branded wireless earbuds product. The circuit board can easily be disconnected from the ribbon cable.

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Unfortunately, the battery is soldered into place, making repairs difficult, though removing it is fairly simple as a small amount of adhesive only holds it down. The wireless charging case shares the same teardown story. It’s fairly simple to get inside and remove the logic board, meaning that if you wanted to change the affected parts, it could be done without breaking the important bits.

iFixit does mention that the Galaxy Buds Pro’s repairability is a step backward, but that is only when these are compared to the Galaxy Buds Live. Overall, we feel that you can replace the parts here with a little effort, which is the complete opposite on the AirPods Pro. In many ways, Samsung has made the Galaxy Buds Pro as easy to take apart as the Galaxy S21 series, though with a few obstacles to keep in mind.

If you wish to check out the entire teardown, the iFixit video is given below, so let us know what you think down in the comments.

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