Galaxy Book Pro 360 and Galaxy Book Pro Infographics Reveal Everything You Need to Know


Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360. These notebooks are made for creative professionals and people who prefer to be on the go when having a notebook in their hands. Both devices are powered by 11th generation Intel Core processors and also bring Windows with full integration into the Galaxy ecosystem. Needless to say, these finally feel like notebooks with Windows that can take on MacBooks, and while Samsung did not make any performance claims, at this point, it is a matter of preference.

The Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book Pro 360 are Made for the Creatives on the Go

With that said, Samsung claims that both Galaxy Book Pro variants are designed with the portability of smartphones in mind and innovative computing. The company has shared infographics for both notebooks with us. These infographics highlight how these notebooks could make up for amazing devices, especially if you already have the Galaxy ecosystem up and running.

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The standard Galaxy Book Pro will ship in both 13 and 15-inch variants and will have processor choices ranging from Core i3 all the way up to the Core i7. You are also getting 4K resolution on both AMOLED panels and up to 32 GB of LPDDR4x memory.

Samsung has made these Galaxy Book Pro variants with connectivity and productivity in mind, and that is why you can pair your phone and your tablet with the notebook. The table can then be used as a second screen.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360, on the other hand, is more focused on the creative side of things as it ships with an S-Pen that you can use to have a better experience while editing photos or drawing. Being a photographer, this is something that I can definitely get behind as this is going to make the overall usability a lot better.