Futuremark Adds Steam Machines Benchmarking Scores – Initial Steam Machines Benches Revealed

Steam Machines are the new type of 'console' around. Basically just reinvented PCs with SteamOs, they have been causing quite a racket in the gaming community. Future mark just recently added a steam machine hall of fame and the first few benchmarks are already in.

Steam Machines PrototypeThe Beta Poster of Steam Machines.

Steam Machines Initial benchmarks

The benchmarking records of Futuremark for Steam Machines can be accessed here. As you can see there are a  few preliminary benches available depicting a pretty  good spectrum from the low end to the high end.Origin is a pretty well known name to the Ultra High End, Pre-Built PC Market; which is a very small (but well paying!) niche. They also caused quite a stir with their xbox360-pc hybrids. However it seems that they are leading the Steam Machines Benches  also with a monster configuration supporting 2 GTX TItans and a 4770K probably overclocked to a high amount. The Name of this Steam Machine is Origin PC - Chronos.

Steam Machine Benchmarks

The list continues downwards and so far contains Bolt II, Webhallen, Alternate, Material.net, Scan 3XS Steam NC10 and the GIGABYTE - Brix Pro. The lower end of the spectrum contains a 4770R with Iris Pro 5200 Graphics, 8GB RAM and 1 TB of HDD. Not a bad config at all but priced a bit higher than a DIY PC Build. According to the benches so far the most optimal and lowest value The Steam Machines will attract Console Gamers mostly because (argueably) playing PC Games in a console factor is all they ever asked.

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