Future The Division 2 Patch to Add Autorun on Consoles and a FOV Slider on PC; Next Server & Client Patch Detailed


Ubisoft plans to add an autorun option on consoles through a future The Division 2 patch alongside a FOV slider for PC players.

In a ‘State of the Game’ post on The Division subreddit, upcoming fixes and planned fixes were highlighted. Among the new features mentioned above, Ubisoft also plans to address Strobe Lighting and the color of clan member Names is being changed. Ubisoft didn’t reveal when these changes will be implemented, but they are being added in the near future.

Tomorrow’s The Division 2 Update 10.1 Packs Numerous Skill and Loot Tweaks Alongside Bug Fixes; Patch Notes Inside

However, Ubisoft did detail some of the fixes and features that will be added through the game’s next server and client patch. We’ve included these changes down below:

Next Server The Division 2 Patch

These are some of the fixes they plan to deploy in the next server patch. 

  • Progress blockers like “Talk to the Division Coordinator” / “Talk To that Person” will be addressed.
  • Daily and Weekly Projects that are not resetting (They are not resetting when you are not online)
  • Clan XP progress:
    • If a player with stuck CXP stays in the clan, then any missing CXP/progression will be applied to their clan after the fix is deployed on their next login.
    • If a player with stuck CXP leaves and rejoins the clan, then they will be able to earn CXP/progression again immediately, but any missing CXP/progression will be permanently lost. Source
  • Group Scaling when you play with a different leveled player is also not working as intended. The NPC tuning is wrong – they are doing to much damage. This will be changed but it will not fix all the issues. There is also a problem with item scaling because a green item buffed to level 30 has not the same stats as a high-end item on level 30. But this needs a client patch

Next Client The Division 2 Patch

These are some of the planned features that will be added in the next client patch: 

  • Rest of the Skill-reset reasons will be addressed
  • The rest of the group-scaling issues (the item quality part)
  • The issue when your character suddenly looks different will be addressed
  • Lost skins should be returned

The Division 2 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.