Fumito Ueda The Creator of Ico Is Leaving Sony

Rizwan Anwer

Earlier this week there was news about Shigeru Miyamoto leaving his post at Nintendo for other projects, while the news was later proven to the contrary by an official Nintendo Spokesperson I just wish that Fumito Ueda leaving Sony was the same instance. A brilliant man who gave us such a wonderful game as Ico is leaving Sony as soon as he is done with "The Last Guardian"

Fumito Ueda is one of Sony's top developers for bringing us brilliant games such as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on the PlayStation 2 and as HD Remakes on the PS3 in a bundle on a Blu-Ray disc with a higher resolution, trophies, improved textures and 3D. He is currently on work on Sony's Highly anticipated "The Last Guardian" which is perhaps one of his biggest works yet on the PlayStation 3. It has been confirmed that following the conclusion of the development of The Last Guardian Fumito Ueda will step down from his chair at Sony and move on. While the project has been delayed since its announcement in 2009 there is always hope of the game finishing in 2012 or 2013 and I know that it will be a spectacular game making it worth the long wait.

Fumito is a genius in once again showing us that a game such as Ico and SoTC can appeal to gamers of all kinds as both games are simply beautiful in terms of story, gameplay and graphics and were really under appreciated in their time but hopefully that will change with his upcoming release.

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