Froyo the most popular Android version today

Ammar Malik

Android developers has just released their latest figures and it seems like Android 2.2 is currently the most popular version of the OS currently installed in 61% of the phones. It's followed by 2.2 with 29% share. It's good to see the older version of Android (1.x) almost killed off. What's also surprising is the share of Gingerbread, which is a non-existent 0.7%. Hopefully that will change with the launch of new phones like the Xperia lineup from Sony Ericsson and the Galaxy S2 from Samsung. Many manufacturers have already decided to update their existing phones to Gingerbread too. Android 3.0, Google's tablet version of Android is a measly 0.2% but in its defence it's only installed on one commercially available tablet, the Motorola Xoom.

Source: Android

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