Frequency Of Malwares On Macs Has Reached A New ‘All Time High’


Apple might have strengthened the security element in its OS X El Capitan for its Macs, but it looks like even that was not enough to prevent the machines from inviting newer forms of malware inside the software environment.

Increased Sales Of Macs And MacBooks Have Increased Apple’s Desktop Platform’s Market Share, Which Also Makes It A Threat To Hackers

According to a source, a new report revealed by security company Bit9 + Carbon Black states that more malware has been found this year in Macs, or OS X in particular compared to all the previous five years combined. One primary reason why the frequency of malware is increasing is because the influx of sales for both Macs and MacBooks combined have allowed Apple to increase the market share of its desktop platform to 17 percent, showing that the Cupertino tech giant is slowly crawling its way to the top. However, it also opens up a lot of doors for hackers.

The source also says that the company found 948 unique samples of malware this year, which is comparatively high compared to the 180 unique samples that were found between 2010 and 2014. The aforesaid figure might be large, but security experts state that malwares can be removed with relative ease. However, if unique malware samples can be found inside the OS X environment, then it will mean that sophisticated hackers could also find vulnerabilities that they could exploit later on in the future.

It should also be noted that most of these infections were the result of individuals who did not take care as to what advertisements or downloadable links they were clicking at, which obviously resulted in malware entering the software. If a comparison is taken place between Macs and Windows running desktop and laptop computers, then Microsoft’s platform still holds the highest number of unique malware samples.

Rich Mogull, who is an analyst with Securiosis, stated the following concerning the malware comparison count between Windows and OS X.

“If you put all of the Mac malware that we've seen, and you combine those numbers for the history of OS X, basically it is less by a significant amount than the amount of Windows malware you will see in an hour.”

Apple normally does not comment on security issues, and according to the source, declined to comment on the matter. While Macs still possess better security compared to Windows running desktops, it is only a matter of time before new vulnerabilities are explored by sophisticated hackers with malicious intents.